Concluding Thoughts 
Post video script:  On the technical side this has been a greater challenge to me., a system I have used for nearly 20 years, changed its webcontent and publishing programs in the months just prior to my starting this final project, so I have had to relearn how to build a site from scratch.  I rediscovered the Paint program in order to make the decorations at the top and bottom of each page.  I had to resurrect my account to make the video.  It's been interesting, to say the least.

I do want to give a special shout out to Donna and Bryan Bradley who so kindly helped me with getting the site URL --  We talked about the differences between a .com and .org were and, sadly, .edu was not available to us.  Bryan patiently worked with me to purchase the domain name and apply it to this site in order to make it easier to find.  

As part of my conclusion, I like to tie the past to the present.  I wanted to ask modern artists about their interactions with the Danse Macabre des Femmes and how this knowledge manifested in their art.  I would love to expand this section -- if you are an artist with such an interest, please let me know (see the form below).  I'll be happy to add you here. 

Artist name: Heather Knight
Date of form submission: 06/15/17
Genre/medium: Acrylic, ink on canvas

Have you heard of the Danse Macabre des Femmes prior to this contact? If so, where?

I have taken art history classes in college and I have studied art independently for as long as I can remember. My father is an artist and he always instilled a love of art in me. I have great memories of painting with my dad. I first stumbled upon the Danse Macabre des femmes when sneaking through my dad’s art books. I was immediately obsessed. I loved the combination of the beautiful women and smiling skeletons. I am very interested in reading your finished thesis page on this subject.

Do you find inspiration for your art from the macabre genre? If so, how?

I have always been inspired by the ghastly and macabre in life. I enjoy the macabre genre in art, poetry, and film. I think death is something that has always, and will always, fascinate and terrify people of every culture. I think my initial interest came from very early memories of open casket funerals as a child. I was horrified of slumbering posed body in the lush velvet lined coffin, but I could not look away. I was enthralled with the grieving mourners, either throwing themselves across the coffin and wailing, or sobbing quietly in the pews. All cultures have a different way in dealing with death. In Mexico they celebrate death in a Day of the Dead parade to honor their ancestors. In New Orleans they have a jazz parade funeral procession through the streets. A Filipino tradition is dressing the deceased and sitting them at the door of their home. Death is something that will find us all.

Do you have any art that fits with the themes of the momento mori, Danse Macabre, or other death-themed works? Do you see a connection between these genres and your works?

Much of my art is inspired by death. When I am personally dealing with loss or hurt I often find that I create pieces that may be considered memento mori or danse macabre. I do feel a deep conection to works of these genres. Art covers the walls of my home and much of this art is in some way relates to death. I often find that the death inspired art that I create is some of the most popular and the most hated. Anytime I post a piece of this art to social media, I get an inbox full of messages. I either get “what is wrong with you that is so insulting”, or “I love that piece”. I think it is interesting to see the reactions of people to death themed art. I think each person copes with death differently, and each reacts to death art differently.

What is your motivation for making these pieces? What message do you hope to convey utilizing this theme in your art?

I am motivated by a need to deal with death and mortality in my own life. When someone views my art, I want them to experience it in their own way. I often do not even post a title or explanation with my art when hung in a gallery. I want the viewer to draw their own conclusions and find their own inspiration from my art. Just by painting it I have experienced what I needed to from the art. The act of painting is my therapy.

May I place an image of your art on the Danse des Femmes final thesis project website? If so, please tell me the name of the work, medium, and date made:

Yes. I would be thrilled to be included on your project website.

If others want to ask questions or purchase your art, how can they get in contact with you?
[email protected]
Fb and insta @heartonsleeveart

To add your information, please leave me a note below:
Dance of Death
Letting Go
Mask of Death